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Light Scale Charcoal Bleach

Light Scale Charcoal Bleach lifts up to 10 levels that creates perfect blonde and leaves hair healthy and hydrated. The charcoal not only gives the bleaching paste its characteristic black color, it also neutralizes unwanted yellow/orange undertones whilst purifying the hair.

Charcoal Sugar Complex, a dual-action complex of sugars and charcoal. The sugars work on the surface, in the cuticle, protecting and hydrating the hair throughout the lightening process. The combination of the Charcoal Sugar Complex and the blend of natural oils makes the formula gentler, leaving the hair visibly healthier.

Format: 500 g


Bleach & Lights PRO TECH Up to 7

This is a high-performance powder bleach, ideal for total decoloration, highlighting with foil & highlighting strips. For creative highlighting with a comb, spatula, brush effects & for balayage techniques.

Formulated with RPP, EVO Technology that cares for the hair, guaranteeing an outstanding lightening performance and excellent results that does not damage the hair. Lifts up to 7 shades even on coarse or tinted hair. It has a non-drip, soft, creamy consistency with excellent conditioning to give clean results in maximum safety & minimal time. Smells good.

Format: 1000 g


Conditioning Color Remover

The Decapante Conditioning Color Remover has been formulated to remove or correct a cosmetic color, eliminating the applied pigments, allowing you to switch from a dark artificial color to a lighter artificial one, clean color overloads.

  • Easy to apply thanks to its creamy texture.
  • It is mixed with Hot Water or Developer depending on the result to be obtained.
  • Thanks to Lanolin, it gives hydration to the hair, creating a protective and transpiring film on the hair.
  • The action of Starch of Rice gives luster and shine to the hair, even the most sensitive skin.

How to use it?

  1. ELIMINATE THE COLOR OVERLOAD: In this case it is necessary to mix a sachet of Decapannte Conditioning Color Remover with 60 ml of Hot Water, and apply on the part to be treated. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, checking it visually according to the result to be obtained.
  1. PICKLING: The light pickling allows you to lighten the artificially colored hair by 3-4 tones. In this case it is necessary to mix a sachet of Decapannte Conditioning Color Remover with 60/75 ml of Protective Oxidizing Emulsion 10-20 Vol (6%), and apply on the part to be treated, isolating the hair roots of the cotton strips Leave on checking it visually based on the result to be obtained. Rinse and wash using Top Care Repair Color Care Post Color Acid Shampoo.



Linfa Booster Lightener Powder

The special lightening enhancer for treated hair, when used with Linfa Schiarente and Developers, lightens up to 6 shades while caring for the hair. Lightening Booster lotion contains: PQ10-for a great conditioning and detangling effect, improving combability and Rice Starch – for protective, moisturizing and softening actions.

Format: 12 x 25 g


Linfa Oil On the Scalp Lightener

A delicate oil based hair-lightening lotion formulated with Olives and Sweet Almonds. Has an intense conditioning effect, it is extra-gentle, while also guaranteeing maximum care for skin and hair. Lifts hair by up to shades, and can be used for on the scalp techniques.

Format: 500 ml


Light Scale Up to 9

Light Scale lifts by up to 9 levels, it is non volatile, is low ammonia content, with a pleasant fragrance. Strong hydrating and conditioning powder.

Fast acting than the majority of other bleachers. Easy to blend and apply. Suitable for all decolorizing techniques. Enriched with our Amminosugar Care Complex to preserve and protect the hair’s keratin structure, this lightening powder harnesses the power of cysteine and glycine to strengthen hair during the lightening process.

Format: 500 g


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