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Douscolor Starter – Semi-Permanent Color

A no ammonia, no lift, semi-permanent gel haircolor formulated with a jojoba oil-conditioning base for shine and moisture. It revives, darkens, or changes the tone of hair without lifting.

Provides maximum coverage and is also excellent for men as it gives the natural look they so desire.

Format: 75 ml


Lisaplex Filter Color

Lisaplex Filter Color is a cream gel with a metallic texture and a completely ammonia-free formula. Suitable for all hair types, enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex technology, that provides a cosmetic effect, protection and reconstruction in addition to improved hair volume and body.

Lisaplex Filter Color is a new service from the Lisap Cosmetic Laboratories, which perfects, brightens, lightens and harmonizes color, just like when you use a photographic filter. It comprises 12 colors that can be blended together to create a customize tone. Color lasts between 4 to 6 shampoos.

Mixing ratio of 1:1 with 10 or 20 volume developer.

Processing Time: 15 to 20 minutes

Format: 100 ml


Easy C-Gloss

Easy C-Gloss is a conditioning Color Enhancer that adds shine to natural hair and helps to maintain the brilliance of the color for longer. Suitable for all those who want to revive the reflections on natural hair and want to prolong the shine on colored hair.

Formulation enriched with:

  • Shea Butter performs an anti-aging action, restores body and nourishment to dry and damaged hair, and protects hair from the cold and dehydration.
  • Jojoba oil: which carries out nourishes the hair in depth, counteracts premature aging and restores elasticity.

Format: 175 ml


Lisaplex Xtreme – Direct Color

Lisaplex Xtreme Color is a direct professional vivid color with acid pH for a brilliant, intense and long-lasting color result. The coloring is ammonia-free and enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex, the innovative Lisap technology, based on vegetable proteins.

All shades can be mixed to create a customized color, or can be used alone to obtain the intense tone, or can be mixed with Pure Diamond, a neutral base that allows to obtain a more delicate and pastel colors. It acts inside and outside the hair structure, guaranteeing cosmetic effect and strengthening the structure. Its creamy formulation gives shine and softness to the hair, while conditioning it. Lisaplex Xtreme Color allows you to obtain crazy intense colors or pastel effects in just a few minutes. The product does not need to be mixed with Developer (Oxidant).

Processing Time: Maximum of 20 minutes depending on the desired result.

Format: 60 ml


Lisaplex Pastel Color

A semi-permanent, ammonia-free color. Enriched with the Lisaplex Bond Saver Organic Protein Complex, it has a smooth consistency, which makes for easy application.

Create your own choice of soft, delicate or strong effects. With 8 beautiful pastel shades and a neutral shade, the variation in processing time and the combination of colors, allows you to obtain a color with different intensity and customization. Simple and also controllable for effects as strong or as delicate as you desire. Lasts between four and eight shampoos.

Available in: Cloudy Cream, Yellow Sunflower, Orange Pink, Pink Bubble, Light Pearl, Lilac Flower, Blue Sky, Peppermint and Smokey Crystal.

Processing Time: Vary between 5 to 20 minutes depending on the desired result.

Format: 60 ml

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Lisaplex Color Accelerator 30 ml (IT)

Slashes the processing time for all shades of permanent color. Now you can process the majority of color brands in only 10-15 minutes (High-Lifts 20-25 Minutes).

  • A unique formula that speeds up color absorption, so dramatically that it reduces processing times.
  • It is ideal for use with both ammonia and non-ammonia colors.
  • Color results and grey coverage are unchanged and can be mixed with most proprietary color brands.
  • It is formulated with Lisaplex to provide nourishment, restructuring of the hair bonds and protection from split ends, frizz and UV.

Format: 30 ml


Light Scale Color

Demi-permanent hair color that reduces any undesired undertones after bleaching and prevents further lightening of the hair while respecting the desired color result. A four-tone palette that enhances blonde hair after bleaching, restoring luminosity, shine and enhancing all the unique facets of multi-dimensional coloring.

Three-dimensional ultra-performance pigments for intense and luminous reflections. Prevents further lightening of the hair while respecting the desired color result.

Mixing ratio of 1:1 with 10 volume developer and can be applied on dry or towel dried hair.

Features nine shades: Sun Light, Moon Light, Venus Light, Star Light, Light Pearl, Lilla Flower, Orange Pink, Pink Bubble and Smokey Crystal.

Format: 100 ml


Douscolor Glamour – Demi-Permanent Color

A no ammonia, demi-permanent haircolor formulated to achieve a rich, vibrant red tone when applied on natural dark hair. Mix with DousColor Glamour Activator to achieve demi- permanent reds and special effects.

Format: 75 ml


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