Ingredients Matter: Light Scale Charcoal Bleach

Light Scale Charcoal Bleach lifts up to 10 levels that creates perfect blonde and leaves hair healthy and hydrated.

Of all the hair color products we have at our disposal, bleach is probably the most versatile— whether a client wants to add subtle highlights or go from pitch black to platinum blonde, professional hair bleach helps us achieve the clean slate we need to work our magic. If you’re like me, you may have learned in school that bleach is bleach regardless of what a brand may claim about its formula and that all bleaches are the same. But, despite what we may have been told, the formula we choose to use is important and some are better than others.

Ingredients Matter

When you think of ingredients that can help lighten the hair, charcoal probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Despite its dark exterior, however, charcoal has been widely used for years in skincare and dental products for its lightening benefits. Charcoal is an eco-friendly ingredient with purifying, cleansing and detoxifying properties, and you may have even seen teeth whitening products advertised with charcoal to help lighten and whiten teeth. Likewise, charcoal also has a similar effect on the hair when added to professional hair lighteners. The Lisap Light Scale Charcoal Bleach uses the lightening power of charcoal by adding a Charcoal Sugar Complex to a professional hair lightener. These dual-action sugars work on the surface of the hair cuticle to protect the integrity and structure of the hair by keeping it hydrated throughout the entire lightening process. In addition to the Charcoal Sugar Complex, the Light Scale Charcoal Bleach is also formulated with a blend of natural oils that leave the hair looking healthy after processing. Its gentle, progressive lightening formula that lifts up to 10 levels and can be left on the hair for up to 90 minutes—longer than the standard maximum processing time of normal bleaches.

My New Go-To

The Light Scale Charcoal Bleach is my favorite professional hair lightener for several reasons. For starters, charcoal bleach is the perfect choice for all techniques, including those that can be more drying and irritating than others such as on scalp and all over bleaching, freehand techniques, foils and balayages. With this bleach, there is no swelling or leaking when I use foils which keeps the hair hydrated during processing. There’s also no solidifying or drying with the Light Scale Charcoal Bleach when left uncovered if I’m using a freehand technique or as an all-over lightener. Another reason that I prefer to use this charcoal bleach is because of its ultra-smooth consistency. How many times have you had to mix your bleach for what feels like forever to get rid of any clumps? With its smooth, easy-to-mix formula containing nourishing oils, the charcoal bleach blends easily with my developer so I don’t have to worry about any uneven application that will affect my client’s color. Lastly, it lightens up to 10 levels in comparison to normal professional hair bleaches that only lighten up to seven, giving me the ultimate lightening results of any bleach I’ve tried. It can also be safely used to process hair for up to 90 minutes with or without heat thanks to its gentle formula, longer than other bleaches on the market. And, if 90 minutes isn’t enough, it can be reapplied for another 20 to 30 minutes. This processing time combined with its ability to lift up to 10 levels allows me to go lighter on my clients with darker hair who I would have previously had to lighten over more than one session!

How to Use Charcoal Bleach

Every time before use, I make sure to massage the bag to activate the blend of oils inside that helps nourish the hair during bleaching. Then, I mix the hair lightening paste with either a 10, 20 or 30 volume developer with a dilution ratio of 1:1.5 to 1:2 based on the results I wish to achieve. I apply it to dry hair and leave it on for up to 60 to 90 minutes, making sure to check after 40 to 45 minutes to see how the hair is looking. While it’s not necessary, I have the option to put my clients under heat If I want to speed up the processing time. If I’ve left it on for the full 90 minutes and I still don’t see the results I’m looking for, I’ll reapply the charcoal bleach directly on the hair without rinsing the product off and wait for another 20 to 30 minutes. Once I’ve reached the desired level, I massage their hair with a little water and rinse the bleach out completely. If there’s any leftover brassiness, I’ll use a shade of the Light Scale Hair Color Cream to tone my client’s hair. The Light Scale Charcoal Bleach works with all lightening techniques, but I especially love it for the following since its gentle, non-irritating formula means I can take my time: Balayage I love using charcoal bleach for all of my balayages, especially a halo balayage! I can control each section to achieve the level of lightness that I want since I can leave it on for up to 90 minutes and reapply for another 20 to 30. Babylights Babylights are great for my clients who want to add some depth and brightness with an easy grow-out, and the charcoal bleach is perfect for the babylights that I do with foils. I don’t have to worry about the sections swelling which means I can take my time to get each and every section I want! Foilyage This combination of foils and balayage can be used to achieve that hand-painted look on your darker-haired clients who need the lightening power of foils. With its gentle formula, the charcoal bleach can be applied and encapsulated within a foil without having to worry about over processing or drying out the hair, allowing you to achieve ultimate lift up to 10 levels. All Over Bleaching I don’t know about other stylists, but for me, bleaching a full head of hair can stress me out. Since it has a processing time of up to 90 minutes, I can go at my own speed with the charcoal bleach without worrying about overprocessing my client’s hair as I apply it all over before moving onto the roots.


Whether my client wants to go from a level two to 10 or simply add a few highlights, the charcoal bleach gives me the lightening power I need. And for the finishing touch, I always send them home with the proper aftercare to prolong their results until the next time they come in. I recommend that all of my clients use the Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Spray when styling their hair to protect against brassiness and heat damage. Then, depending on how prone they are to brassiness, I may recommend they also use the Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Shampoo followed by either the Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Mousse or the Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Mask. Not only does this keep my clients happy with their hair, but it makes it easier for me to maintain their color the next time they come in!

Rebecca Byrne started her cosmetology journey in Atlanta, Georgia, where she received her license in 2015. After working several years in the salon and then for herself, she now writes educational content to help other professionals make the most of their services.

A New Take on Toning

Tailor Made to maintain the original beauty of your blonde hair. The new professional anti-yellow system for blonde, lightened, bleached or naturally white hair.

From icy highlights to all over platinum blonde, combatting brassiness is one of the biggest challenges to maintaining white, blonde, and highlighted hair. As hairstylists, we know that creating the perfect blonde shade starts with the lightening process, but it ends with the anti yellow products to keep our client’s hair bright and brass-free.

A New Take on Toning

Purple shampoos and purple conditioners have been around for a while and make excellent products to use at home to tone in between appointments. However, the problem with most of these at-home products is that they’re pretty much a one-size-fits-all solution. Unless the hair is extremely blonde, they tend to have no ability to combat brassiness at all. Even worse, these products are notorious for turning hair muddy and purple when left on too long. Luckily, anti yellow hair lines and purple hair care products have come a long way with new ingredients and a wider variety of products to choose from. Anti yellow lines such as the Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Line have purple hair care products such as Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Shampoo, Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Mask, Light Scale Care Anti Yellow Mousse,and Light Scale CareSpray Anti Yellow. These anti yellow products are highly customizable and help me put the finishing touch on my blonde clients. They can be used both immediately after lightening services and at home in between appointments by my clients to protect their hair against brassiness, keep their hair vibrant, and prolong their color. Another secret to fighting brassiness and neutralizing unwanted tones with these products is the formula itself. After all, ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and deeply condition the hair are just as important as the purple pigments that fight brassiness themselves. Not to mention hydration and conditioning are especially important after lightening and bleach services when hair is in a fragile state. That being said, the pigments that neutralize brassiness are equally important. Anti yellow ingredients such as Diamond Dust and Hydrolyzed Pearl can gently and effectively neutralize unwanted yellow, orange, and red tones. Historically reserved for royalty, the finely ground powder of diamonds and pearls has been used for centuries in a wide variety of beauty products for their benefits. Besides fighting brassiness, these gems are rich in protein-building amino acids, minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress.

Anti-Yellow Hair Care Products

When it’s time to tone my blondes with hair care products the first step is determining which products to use. This depends on my client’s hair type, color level, desired tone, and the current amount of brassiness. For all of my clients, I start with the anti yellow shampoo that can tone light, moderate, intense, and extra intense levels of brassiness depending on how long I leave the shampoo on the hair. Suitable for both thin and thick hair, it can be left on for up to five minutes before rinsing out. After shampooing, I choose between the anti yellow mask or anti yellow mousse. For those with thick hair or brassiness that’s intense or extra intense, I apply the anti yellow mask all over the hair while concentrating on areas with the most brassiness. Unlike other masks I’ve tried, this one has a slightly bluish tint for optimal toning and neutralizing. Like the shampoo, this is left on for up to five minutes. The other benefit of this anti yellow mask is that in addition to toning it deeply conditions and nourishes just-processed hair. For my clients with thinner hair and clients with brassiness that’s moderate to extra intense, I prefer to use the anti yellow mousse. This conditioning anti yellow foam works as a lightweight, hydrating toner and is applied to wet hair just like the anti yellow mask. I leave this anti yellow mousse on for up to five minutes depending on the level of toning desired to neutralize any leftover brassiness. Another tip I’ve picked up: you can also use these anti yellow products to tone brunette balayages. To tone these light to mid-level shades, I follow the same protocol as above according to my client’s hair type and leftover brassiness with one small change: I take whichever hair product I decide to use and apply it to the ends where the color is lightest, then move upward where I leave it on for less time before rinsing out. Last but certainly not least is heat styling, another obstacle to preserving color, which is where an anti yellow spray comes in handy for all of my white, blonde, and highlighted clients. This is a leave-in spray that can be used every time they style their hair with heat. The last step of their anti yellow hair routine, it’s formulated with anti-yellow pigment to lightly tone and neutralize in between appointments while it also protects against heat damage to prevent further brassiness from blow drying and hot tools.

Creating an Anti Yellow At-Home Treatment

A common complaint with white, blonde, and highlighted hair is the fading and brassiness that inevitably occur. In turn, many clients seek out commercially available anti yellow products of lower quality as soon as they notice their hair turning brassy and dull. How often have you had a client leave their appointment in love with their new locks only to call back later and complain about brassiness and wanting to know what went wrong? This is why it’s especially important to advise your clients on proper at-home maintenance by explaining the benefits of professional anti yellow products. For my white, blonde, and highlighted clients, I recommend both the anti yellow shampoo and anti yellow spray and then either the anti yellow mask or anti yellow mousse depending on their hair type and level of brassiness. After they’ve left the chair satisfied with their hair color, I recommend using the anti yellow shampoo and anti yellow mousse as needed when they notice brassiness start to appear. For those clients with especially dry and brassy hair, I recommend using the anti yellow mask once a week. This mask is also a great hair treatment for my clients with particularly dry or damaged hair. I also make sure to stress the importance of leaving all of these products on for no more than five minutes (in some cases even less!), and watching the hair while the product is on—the last thing I want is for them to overtone their hair. Last but not least is the anti yellow spray, the one product all of my blonde clients should be using regardless of their hair type or color level! Whether they blow-dry, straighten, or curl their hair, they should be using a heat protectant and leave-in every time after they wash their hair, and with a purple heat protectant spray, they get the added bonus of neutralizing brassiness and enhancing shine. While it’s impossible to avoid brassiness from happening altogether, taking the time to explain to my clients how to use high-quality anti yellow products goes a long way in keeping their blonde shades beautiful long after the appointment is over. Another reason it’s important to educate our clients about the benefits of professional anti-yellow products? Client retention. When our clients use the right products to maintain their color in between touch-ups, they’ll stay satisfied, and a satisfied client will keep coming back.

Rebecca Byrne started her cosmetology journey in Atlanta, Georgia, where she received her license in 2015. After working several years in the salon and then for herself, she now writes educational content to help other professionals make the most of their services.

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